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Understanding The Bad Guy

Understanding the “Bad Guy”

Understanding how the “bad guy” thinks and operates allows you to appropriately plan and set protocols in place for relevant contingencies that may occur. In layman’s terms, understanding how the bad guy thinks will give you the opportunity to be more successful in the overall goal of safety. Many of us have heard this idea before, “think like the bad guy.” Most of us might even contemplate the beginning steps of being the “bad guy,” but what does it mean? Did you know that you have a higher chance of having your home invaded than getting struck by lightning? If you were the bad guy what house would you pick? “Let’s assume you pick your own residence.” What about your residence is appealing? Are you taking too many security measures that challenge the “bad guy” to try and enter, or are you not taking enough security measures that welcomes the “bad guy?”

Now, what time of day is it? Is anyone home? How do you get in? are you alone? Are you armed? What are you there for?

So how does this help security?

Understanding how there are usually three stages that need to be completed before the event may take place. The three stages we will be discussing today are the Selection Process, the Planning Process, and Taking Action. Knowing these stages will give you the opportunity to advantageously plan. Of course, you cannot plan for everything, but would you rather have on e plan or none.

Let us revisit the home invasion scenario. Let us say that you are at home asleep and a person breaks in from your backyard armed with a gun? What have you planned for? Do you have the mental capacity to be successful? Do you have the physical capacity to be successful? And most importantly do you have the appropriate tools to be successful? If any of those answers were “no” do not worry, you can change that. Better yet, you have already read how. That’s right… start thinking like the bad guy.

An example of the selection process may be that you chose your house because it is the only house on the block that is completely dark. Things that seem vacant tend to welcome unwanted guest. There may be several cars parked outside which shows wealth and income. It may have also been the first house on the block. The venue’s location has to be easily accessible to get to, through and out of the venue. Some simple ways to make your house unappealing might be to install lights and make sure all the entrances to your residence are securely locked. This can also be done by understanding the baseline of your neighborhood and blending in with it.

IF in the selection process you realize your house would be a target because it is vacant for a long period of time during the day. Then maybe you would want to install a security system.

We primarily look at the selection phase as that is where we are most able to influence. It is much more difficult to interrupt the planning process after the location has been targeted.

We could talk about this for hours and still not plan for everything. So lets review, understanding the “bad guy” allows you to successfully plan and sometimes even prevent incidents from taking place. The one who avoids fights never loses.

Be Kind, Stay Deadly

Eclipse Protection Inc.

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