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This comprehensive package combines verbal de-escalation, situational awareness, and unarmed 
into an all-encompassing training program. It equips participants with a fundamental skill set necessary for identifying, preventing, and responding to potential threats effectively.

- Verbal De-escalation: Focuses on conflict resolution without physical confrontation, emphasizing communication strategies and emotional control.
- Situational Awareness: Enhances the ability to perceive environmental cues, recognize potential dangers early, and make quick decisions under pressure.
- Unarmed Combatives: Teaches physical defense techniques to protect oneself and others when non-physical strategies are insufficient.

- Provides a broad base of personal safety knowledge and skills.
- Builds confidence in handling diverse safety scenarios.
- Suitable for individuals, families, or corporate teams seeking foundational safety training.


This package is exclusively focused on firearms manipulation, offering specialized training in pistol craft, weapon retention, and tactical responses to threats. It is designed for those who want to master the defensive use of firearms.

- Pistol Craft 1: Teaches the essentials of firearm accuracy, handling, and response under stress.
- In-Holster Weapon Retention: Provides techniques for maintaining control over one's firearm during physical confrontations to prevent disarmament.
- Clinch Fighting for Concealed Carry: Integrates close-quarters combat with concealed carry considerations, preparing participants for real-world defensive scenarios.
- Threat Recognition Drills: Enhances decision-making skills in high-stress situations, focusing on situational awareness and the judicious use of force.

- Comprehensive training from basic to advanced techniques in firearm handling.
- Prepares participants for complex and high-stress situations involving firearms.
- Emphasizes safety, legal, and ethical considerations in armed self-defense.


The Gamma Protector Suite is a holistic safety and self-defense program designed to provide extensive training across all areas of personal and community security. This package combines your offerings into a multi-faceted training regimen that addresses verbal and physical conflict resolution, situational awareness, and  firearms manipulation.

- Verbal De-escalation: Empowers participants with strategies to manage conflicts effectively without resorting to physical force, focusing on communication and emotional intelligence.
- Situational Awareness: Enhances participants' ability to detect and respond to potential threats quickly and effectively, promoting a proactive approach to personal safety.
- Unarmed Combatives: Teaches a variety of physical self-defense techniques that are crucial for protecting oneself and others in situations where de-escalation has failed.
- Armed Combatives: Includes specialized training in firearm usage and retention, focusing on safe and effective handling in self-defense scenarios.
- Pistol Craft 1: Covers the basics of firearm accuracy and handling, tailored for those new to or seeking to improve their shooting skills.
- In-Holster Weapon Retention: Trains participants in retaining control of their firearms during physical altercations, ensuring the weapon remains secure.
- Clinch Fighting for Concealed Carry: Integrates practical grappling techniques with the challenges of concealed firearm carry.
- Threat Recognition Drills: Develops advanced situational awareness and decision-making skills to help participants identify and respond to threats appropriately.

- Provides comprehensive training covering both unarmed and armed scenarios.
- Equips participants with a broad range of skills that enhance personal and family safety.
- Addresses legal and ethical considerations in self-defense, promoting responsible and informed handling of conflict situations.

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