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Agency Trainings

A two day course focusing on foundational skills in Situational Awareness and Verbal De-escalation. Participants learn to identify and assess threats efficiently, as well as communicate effectively to de-escalate tense situations. 


This three day (3 day)  course expands on the basic principles with more complex scenarios. it includes both unarmed combatives, where participants develop skills in hand-to-hand defense and restraint tactics, and further verbal de-escalation strategies and applications as it pertains to deploying hands-on force as a means of control and de-escalation. 


This four day (4) day course is a comprehensive training package that combines all the skills from the previous levels with the addition of Armed Combatives. Participants engage in scenario-based drills and simulations, covering Pistol Craft, In-holster Weapon Retention, Clinch fighting for Concealed Carry, and Threat Recognition Drills to prepare them for real-life threats and enhance their decision making under stress. 

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