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Expanding Our Awareness

In order to expand our awareness, we must first learn our internal system. We will define this as your heart, body, mind, and soul. When we are able to comprehend and understand our internal system (thoughts and feelings and how these thoughts and feelings influence our actions/behaviors (reactions versus responses) we are are able to maintain capability and ability under stress.

Our internal system is made up of the amygdala, which communicates to our physical body through emotions and physical sensations and our Neocortex, which communicates to us through thoughts (logic and reasoning). It is important to note the level of stress [positive or negative] is perceived based on how the internal body system, specifically your Amygdala (sympathetic nervous system) responds to the negative/positive stimuli (stress). Learning how this drastically effects our performance specifically our accessibility to the skills which may potentially save the lives of those we hope to protect and our own lives. When we are able to Self-Regulate we can become more intune with the situation at hand in a competent and capable state of being.

Be kind, Stay Safe.

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