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De-escalating the Flight Response

Breath regulation can aid in calming the anxiety symptom of the Flight Response. By making oneself aware of the breath we are able to consciously gage what part of our body is reacting to the perceived threat [Perceived vs. Evidence].

A common breathing technique is 3-4-7 [inhale, hold, exhale] the initial objective is to exhale longer than you hold the breath. This effects the parasympathetic nervous system which aids in regulating the body back to baseline. This can help in clearing the mind and regaining awareness over one's own actions rather than acting upon impulse. Intentional decisions produce the best results. Intentional being defined as the understanding and ability to act in a manner which benefits not only the individual but the group/environment. It is the officer/agent/operative’s responsibility to possess the ability to make intentional decisions in times of crises.

Be Kind, Stay Deadly

Eclipse Protection Inc.

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